Transportation is provided by the Owatonna Bus Company.

All students eligible for transportation and those who have arranged for transportation with a private contract will receive a letter in the mail the week before school starts.

Any parent with daycare information, even if the daycare has stayed the same from the previous year, needs to contact the bus company immediately.

The times for pickup and drop-off of students in the letter are approximate. Please be patient and flexible for the first couple of weeks until everything settles down into a routine.

We look forward to transporting the students of Owatonna to and from school this coming school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at the Owatonna Bus Company.

Our phone number is 507-451-5262.

For more information on the student rules and safety, click on the tabs below.

1. Student will be at bus stop on time.
2. Student will wait for bus off roadway.
3. Student will cross road only in front of bus.
4. Student will never use the emergency door except in case of physical emergency or when directed by the driver.

1. Student will obey the bus driver at all times.
2. Student will sit where directed by the driver.
3. Student is expected to be at the bus stop on time and display proper conduct at the bus stop.
4. Student will deep head and arms inside bus at all times.
5. Student will not use profane or vulgar language.
6. Student will not throw things.
7. Student will not litter bus.
8. Student will not shout out of the bus or in the bus.
9. Student will not mark with any pen, pencil or marking device on the bus interior or exterior.
10. Student will be held financially responsible for any damage done deliberately or through rowdiness.
11. Student will report any damage at once to the driver.
12. Student not following these rules is subject to suspension from the bus.