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QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to understand written and oral instructions and some knowledge of city streets and traffic regulations.  Must be at least 21 years of age.  No felony conviction charge. No more than two moving violations in the last 12-months.  Must have zero driving points or above.  Commercial Driver License (CDL) instructor permit must be obtained prior to becoming a substitute bus operator.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATION: Drives a school bus; picking up and delivering students to and from school.  Conducts pre-trip and post-trip inspections according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety guidelines.   Maintains safety equipment; reports unsafe bus conditions.  Adheres to preventive maintenance schedule.  Completes required forms and reports in an accurate and timely manner.  Adheres and complies with safety rules, motoring regulations and laws.  Attends all scheduled meetings.  Loads bus according to established procedures. Follows designated route schedule and stop at authorized stops only.  Notifies proper authorities of bus breakdown or deviations in schedule.  Ensures all pupils are accounted for and all runs are covered.   Reports all operating and equipment deficiencies.  Obeys all traffic laws and observes mandatory safety regulations for school bus operations.  Transports only authorized students.  Reports all accidents and completes required reports.   Conducts periodic emergency bus evacuation drills.  Transports students to special events and field trips.  Provides excellent customer service to students and staff.  Ensures passenger safety; maintains discipline on bus.  Makes bus available for periodic maintenance.  Performs related tasks as required.

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK:  Performs work transporting pupils to and from school and special events; does related work as required.  Work is performed under regular supervision. Person shall have no limitations that will interfere with the ability to control and drive a school bus. Occasional operation of vehicles during inclement weather is required.

REPORT TO: Supervisor of Student Transportation

Special Note – Information Needed to Prepare for CDL Instructor Permit:

  1. Go to DMV and get the CDL manual
  2. Study to get the Class “B” license (therefore study the sections in the CDL Manual pertaining to the Class “B” license sections listed below)
The four tests that are needed to be taken are:
  1. General knowledge test (50 questions)
  2. Air Brake Test – most of the buses have air brakes (25 questions)
  3. Transporting Passengers Test (20 questions)
  4. School Bus Test (20 questions)
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